Mailing lists are stupid and so are those who use them

My mother-in-law and father-in-law died three years ago and never lived at my wife’s and my address.  For the past three year we have been receiving catalogs and flyers for them at this address.  Whenever I hear some dimwit criticize the government as inefficient and incompetent and, instead, praise the dimwits of corporate America, I think of all the mail I have put straight into the recycling bin in the past three years.  By the way, we also get a lot of catalogs and flyers for the people who left this address eight years ago.

We are not an isolated circumstance.  In fact, I would guess that you could multiply the wasteful mail sent here by millions of homes in America.  I wonder if anyone has done any research to determine how many tens or even hundreds of millions of wasteful mailings are done every year due to mailing lists, and how many dollars are wasted on printing, paper, and paid to these useless mailing list companies to send out garbage.

Dimwits degrade the quality of life for everyone.


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