The Super Bowl Coke Ad

Didn’t see it or any of the other ads.  Just because the media has created a big thing about commercials doesn’t mean I have to be an idiot and watch commercials as if they matter.  When a commercial is played, I usually mute the TV and go back to doing whatever else I was doing.  However, I have read enough about the ad to know what it is about.

Prior to Europeans arriving in significant numbers in the North American continent, Americans spoke Algonquin and Lakota and a variety of languages.  The first and best documented Europeans to arrive here spoke Spanish mostly, I would imagine, as Columbus, an Italian, left from Spain for the New World.  He made four such voyages.  He would have spoken Italian as well as Spanish.  Most of the early settlement of the North American continent was Spanish and the explorers spoke Spanish.  In fact, the first English-speaking settlement in the New World didn’t take place until well over a hundred years after the Spanish explorers had exploited the place.  There was also earlier exploration by Vikings, though I can’t recall if they were Swedes or Norwegians.  They would have spoken a Scandinavian language.

Anyway, the manufactured outrage over the commercial is, of course, childish nonsense being offered by childish people who are so accustomed to being outraged by any and everything that I can’t imagine how they get through a day without spitting up quarts of bile.  I find the whole “controversy” to be the dreary work of dullards stirring up yet more dullards over nothing at all.  I would pity the dullards, but they aren’t worth the effort.


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