Quantum Gravity, Cyclic Universe

So I was watching Dr. Paul J. Steinhardt talk about the Big Bang and alternative theories and the Cyclic Universe and so on, which, as an aside, also explained to me why extra dimensions become necessary in string theory, and it occurred to me that, if inflation is an affect of Dark Matter rather than an affect of Dark Energy (my idea being that, because Dark Matter is only perceived via its gravitational effects, so it is not actually present in our universe, but in nearby universes that are causing the inflation by virtue of their gravity warping a sort of uber fabric of space-time and the edges of our universe are falling into their gravity wells as they are simultaneously falling into ours), then if universes are cyclic, this is something that can be tested as their gravities will change as they inflate or shrink.  Although, then again, the period of the inflation and shrinkage would make testing difficult…and also, would the gravity of a universe change as the state changed?  I think he answered that in the lecture but I wasn’t thinking of this when he did.

All so very interesting.


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