A Tiny Idea About Dark Matter

I was watching a video of Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson discussing physics and he said two things which I have heard him say before, but he said them together, and because of the juxtaposition of his statements, I formed a thought about a connection between the two statements which I have not heard before, although I seriously doubt I came up with something new.  But if one of the 6000 astrophysicists on the planet ever reads this web log, I would appreciate some feedback.

Dr Tyson stated that the universe is expanding at such a rate that at some point in the future, and I forget the precise sequence of events that will occur, it will not be possible for cosmologists on the planet Earth to actually determine the same things we can determine about the universe today because the state of the universe will have changed so much that things like the Big Bang Theory could only be found in textbooks but not be tested experimentally.  So then someone asked another question and he started talking about Dark Matter.  He said that one of the interesting theories about Dark Matter, which is discerned via gravitational effects because there is extra gravity for which we cannot account from visible matter, is actually the gravity of a parallel universe which we cannot discern, but which can be felt through the existence of its gravity since it is close enough by (this could, I suppose be expanded to several universes in the neighborhood, which would be why the amount of Dark Matter is so much greater than the known matter and why we did not simply, if we feel the effects of gravity, fall into the other universe, although the expansion of the universe might just be accounted for because we are falling into the gravity of another universe or universes…it’s all so very complicated and I don’t have the math for the really serious parts of astrophysics).

Okay, so that was too long an explanation, but here is my thought:  maybe Dark Matter is something that could have been explained ten million years ago when Raquel Welch was running from dinosaurs in a fur bikini with , but we have passed the horizon of during which Dark Matter could have been tested and examined and so forth.  This does not explain anything about Dark Matter except why it is untestable and unknown at this time.  The window of opportunity for figuring out what it is has passed.  I’m just curious as to whether that idea has been posited and, as well, whether there is any way to test whether that is true rather than test the nature of Dark Matter.


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