Parsing out quality with tweezers

Thank goodness nobody reads this thing and nobody can tell who I am writing it without a court order.  I am working for a company that is so poorly run, I am only glad that I am a consultant.  In fact, I wouldn’t accept a position with them if they offered it, and than goodness my contract is over soon.

The area in which I work has been plagued by bad quality product, so I was hired to make it good.  Every time I have suggested an improvement, the response has been “what is the benefit and what is the cost”.  They don’t really want good quality.  If you want good quality, you pay for it.  Instead, I have to run a cost-benefit analysis on every idea.  It’s a stupid way to run things when your quality is so low, it is actually the worst I have ever seen in my entire career, and I have been doing what I do for decades.  I can’t believe they gave garbage like this to customers.  I can’t believe customers didn’t throw it back at them and tell them “no thank you”.


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