The Civil War

Morons are still arguing the Civil War like it remains relevant.  You have to be a Southerner to be that stupid.  That war ended 148 years ago, long before their grandfathers were even born, but they still argue about it like they have a stake in it.  So stupid.  Mind you, I know where of I speak.  I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Alabama and Georgia.  I know what those limited minds believe.

The most ridiculous thing is the argument that the war was about “states’ rights”.  Anyone who tells you that is lying or ignorant.  The Southern Plantation class lived on credit.  Many of them were broke without the credit the banks offered them in return for their collateral.  That collateral was human.  Slaves represented an enormous part of the material wealth of the South before the Civil War and slave owners would do anything to keep a hold of their wealth, including sending poor people’s sons to die in a war.  Nothing new or noble there.


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