Dick Bremer—babbling again

To listen to Dick Bremer announce a Twins game is to listen to someone who has perfected the mysterious art of babbling pointlessly and praising all things Twins meaninglessly.  He just treated us to a mealy-mouthed opinion about how the bratwursts at Target Field are better than the brats at Miller Park.  A) Who gives a crap? B) If you’re going to have an opinion, don’t preface it by apologizing for even having one, especially one as stupid as who has the best brats.  If anyone’s life is so unfulfilled and worthless that they would actually react to that opinion with an objection, then they aren’t worth listening to when they carp about how the Miller Park brats are sooooo much better than the ones at Target Field, or whatever silly response one might make if one’s life were that empty.  Second, if you haven’t the guts to utter an opinion about something as meaningless as which brats you like better, then you probably shouldn’t speak at all.  Which would suit me fine.  The Twins have a true boor in Bremer, and the only announcer in all of baseball who is worse is Tom Kelly, former Twins manager, whom the Twins employ occasionally.  Kelly is the single most boring person I have ever heard announce a ballgame.  I turn the game off when he is there, unless I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  I call him “Tom Soporific” (playing off of Tom Seaver’s nickname).


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