Oklahoma tornado, global warming, and James Inhofe

The effect of global warming is to intensify existing weather patterns, as I understand it.  The tornado that tore through Oklahoma City and has left, as of the last count, 51 dead, appears to have been massive and unusually large.  But James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, Senators-R-OK, says global warming is a hoax and has fought any effort to push back against it.  And now 51 are dead in Oklahoma and James Inhofe can go home and try to wash the blood from his hands.

Now Oklahoma will undoubtedly seek federal disaster relief.  And who was it opposed aid to the states hit by Hurricane Sandy?  James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, Senators-R-OK.  So unless they have every penny defined as to how they will pay for it, and as long as Oklahoma gives back other money in some way, I don’t see how the federal government can vote disaster relief to the state.

Finally, my heart goes out to the parents of the children lost in the disaster at that elementary school, but I have already heard stories of how a teacher shielded children with her body and kept them safe through the storm.  Parents expect teachers to do that, to save their children’s lives in times of danger, to throw their own bodies between their children and a tornado.  And then they vote down the teacher’s union and vote against salary increases for teachers and put teachers down and want to take away tenure.

Think about it, if you are capable of thought.  And if you are capable of thought, thank a teacher.


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