Smash (the TV show) brings the fail weekly

The writers of the crappy show “Smash” made the same mistake this week they make fairly often:  they included a really good song in the show.  A week or two ago they had MacPhee and Meg Hilty (man, I so love Meg Hilty) do a duet on “That’s Life”, a fine old song that demonstrated just how miserable the original songs that make up the score of this show’s “musicals” really are.  Now MacPhee and Hilty are excellent and those two can sing the crap out of anything, and their duet was exceptional, but the original songs in this show are mediocre at best.  This week they had one of the characters, one with a fairly weak voice, sing Billy Joel’s “Vienna Waits for You”.  Such a fine song, and it shows, by comparison, how crappy the songs they wrote for this show are.  They should never allow a good song into this show because of how the songs they wrote for this show suffer by comparison.

Oh, and the MacPhee character’s love for the Jimmy character still makes no sense at all.


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