The faces of stupidity

You want to see two idiots?  Go to and check out the photos of the two men who apparently planted the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Two complete idiots.  Somebody knows who they are.  Somebody right now has told the FBI who they are and they will be located before long.  Those two idiots will spend the rest of their lives in prison.  I’m sure they thought they were very tough when they planted those bombs and killed an eight year old child and a couple of young women.  They’ll find out exactly how tough they are when they are in prison.

UPDATE:  One idiot dead, other idiots being pursued.  Hope they catch at least one idiot alive so they can find out how many idiots there were involved all together.

UPDATE:  I feel sorry for the Uncle of the two idiots.  He gets it.  He is scared, obviously, because there are plenty of other idiots who would go after him and his family because of the two idiots, but he gets it.  He is an immigrant who just wants to live like everyone else in the country.  Poor guy.  Now he has to deal with the consequences of what those two idiots did.

UPDATE:  Everybody probably knows already, and nobody reads this blog anyway, that they have the second idiot trapped and wounded in a boat in the driveway at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown, MA.  You can go on and look at the house from overhead and, if you use the Walking Man feature, you can look at the front door and the driveway of the place.  The boat is not in the pictures, but they have shown it a couple of times on TV.  I remember watching the pictures from Munich in 1972 when those idiots took athlete hostage and then everyone got killed, the hostages, the terrorists, all of them.  This is just mind-blowing to be able to see this live as it happens.  I think that idiot in the boat is going to die today.


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