New York vs Minneapolis/St Paul…no contest

Someone in Minnesota recently referred to the “Twin Cities” as a “world-class city”.  I immediately let a laugh out because he caught me off guard with that one.  But he was serious.  I just returned to the Twin Cities from New York and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that Twin Cities is not a world-class anything.  I try not to get too down on this area and I try not to let my unhappiness at being here show too much, but Twin Cities is a second-rate city in a state where mediocrity is celebrated as excellence.  I was so happy to be back in New York, where excellence is everywhere, people are genuinely friendly and pleasant, and people generally just “get it”.  New York is a sophisticated place where they know the difference between good and bad.  Twin Cities is a provincial place where they don’t know what good is, so they think their crummy second-rate stuff is excellent.  They aren’t stupid, they just don’t know any better.

It was great to have a good New York pizza the first night back.  They don’t know how to make a pizza in Minnesota any more than they know how to make a bagel.  The best pizza in Minnesota is at Cosetta’s in St Paul, and it is only just passable, except they put way too much cheese on it and they don’t crisp the bottom of the pie.  Any pizzeria in the New York Metro does it better.  It was great to be in a true world class city where everything doesn’t shut down at 10:00 at night, even on weekends.  We were walking home after the theater at around 11 on Saturday and the action was just getting started in Times Square.

We saw an opera and a play in the City and also did some touristy things.  We used to go into the City for entertainment quite a lot, and I worked in midtown Manhattan for several years in the early 1980s, but because we lived so close to the City and were in the City so often, we never did touristy things.  This time we went into the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue.  I used to eat lunch in Bryant Park every day at work (when the weather was nice, of course) and never went into the library.  That place is fabulous.  There is nothing in Minnesota that spectacular or with that much history.  We also went into the lobby at the Chrysler Building.  Again, nothing in Minnesota matches it.  Finally, we did the audio tour at Grand Central Terminal.  Again, fantastic, historic, and there is nothing in Minnesota that comes close.  And I got my first senior discount at GCT.  The guy at the tour counter asked me if we were seniors and I immediately said, “Hell yes!  Do I have to show proof?”  He said “no”, so we saved two bucks each.

New York.  A truly world-class city.  I love it.  I LOVE New York.


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