Crazy people dictate the flow of events

I have been out of touch with news all day and was going to write a bit about the weekend in NYC and then I heard about the Boston Marathon.  Crazy people dictate the flow of events.  Crazy people force Americans to live with masses of guns and mass gun murders.  Crazy people blow up bombs at public events.  Crazy people destroyed the Twin Towers.  Crazy people started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Crazy people cannot discuss, negotiate, or work in peace with others.  I am not speaking of people with disorders that are generally referred to as “mental health issues”.  I don’t have any hatred for the schizophrenic, the bipolar, the otherwise mentally ill.  I have sympathy for them.  I wish them better health and peace.  I despise the murderers, the crazy people who have a deep love of violence as a means of expressing their disagreement.  Those people do not deserve sympathy or empathy.  The Adam Lanzas, the John Holmeses, the Anders Breiviks, the 9/11 conspirators, and the person or persons who exploded those bombs at the Boston Marathon, they get no sympathy, no empathy and they should receive no mercy.  We live in a civilized society and due process is essential to ensuring that the correct people pay the price for these crimes, but once due process has been satisfied and we have the right person or persons, no mercy is due them.


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