TV’s Smash: Epic Fail

So my wife and I have been watching the TV show Smash and there’s a character that is so badly written and acted, the writers and the actor shouldn’t be fired; the law should forbid them from plying their trade ever again.  I refer to the character that McPhee (I won’t bother to look up these names) falls for, the young shmuck song-writer with the bland as hell voice.  This clown is just nasty and crappy to everyone every episode and we are supposed to believe that McPhee is just head over heels for this horrible critter.  It makes so little sense and is so unbelievable, well, it ruins the entire show.  Oh, and Angelica Huston undoes a career of good performances with her crappy performance in Smash.  On the other hand, that Megan Hilty woman is absolutely the best thing in this show.  She is so great, I am a fanboy, something I have never been for anything in my life–and I grew up in Jersey while Mickey Mantle was still playing the outfield for the Yankees.


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