Television for the 12 Year Old

I don’t know why my wife watches Castle.  It is television for 12 year olds.  It constantly does this smarmy, infantile sex business, where sex is viewed exactly as it was viewed by television in the early 1970s, a sort of pretend hipness that simultaneously maintains it’s sanitized, “ooo giggle giggle” view.  Do you remember a TV show called One Day at a Time?  Castle has the same attitude towards sex as that show.  The detectives are idiots who are saved buy the fact that you can’t not solve a crime when you have writers authoring a script for you.  The formula is precisely the same every week:  find a suspect, accuse him of the crime no matter how tenuous the evidence or source of the accusation, find out you accused an innocent person, but HA!, a clue is dropped, so the new lead leads to a new suspect who is then accused, turns out to be innocent, and so on until the end when some ridiculous clue leads to the real killer.

NIH should have peoples IQs tested before and after watching episodes of this show.  I swear it causes people to lose IQ points.


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