Irish Soda Bread

Happy St Patrick’s Day, sort of belated.  My spouse makes the best Irish Soda Bread in the world.  And we’re coming up on babka time.  Usually we make her mother’s full recipe, but I have experimented as, yes, it can be cut down to a smaller recipe.  No more “one dozen eggs and start with five pounds of flour, then add more as needed to get the right texture”.  The recipe is ridiculous, and requires a giant bowl and hand kneading because, seriously, it starts with a dozen eggs and five pounds of flour.  Her mother always claimed it had to be done in that large a size and couldn’t be done any smaller, but really, it’s just a matter of cutting the amount of stuff you use and then adjusting the amounts as needed to get the desired texture.  It ain’t rocket science, because rocket scientists have better things to do than bake bread.  I hope.


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