Republican National Convention in St Paul

After hearing that reporter Amy Goodman was arrested for no reason at all, and watching the video, I went to to see if there was more video of arrests in St Paul during the Republican National Convention.  I was disappointed to see frequently portly and generally mindless police in St Paul arresting a young woman because she fell off her bicycle when the police road en masse into the cenetr of a rather small and entirely peaceful protest.  Why is it that nobody loses their job over this stuff?  As a Minnesotan, seeing this does not fill me with pride nor does it fill me with confidence in the performance of our police departments.

Here is the video of Amy Goodman’s arrest.

I’ve tried to stay non-political on this web log, but this is what the end of our republic looks like:  it looks like police aiming weapons at peaceful protesters because they aren’t competent or courageous enough to handle a peaceful crowd situation without arresting people.


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