Photos of Collapsed Interstate 35W in Minneapolis

Here are some unique photos of the I 35W bridge collapse in Minneapoli, Minnesota. There were given to me by a friend who was in Minneapolis this past week.

p1010074.jpgp1010078.jpgp1010082.jpgp1010075.jpg p1010080.jpgp1010077.jpg


4 Responses to “Photos of Collapsed Interstate 35W in Minneapolis”

  1. ARC Says:

    Great photos, but… holy guacamole, they need to be resized to fit in the margins !!!! Too many pixels for this format. They are coming up distorted on the front page and then GIANT and running off the borders on this comment page… resize, resize resize!!!

  2. sumo Says:

    Just to let you know that on this end…they look okay. Good idea for a blog DBK.

  3. DBK Says:

    Thanks. I didn’t do anything to control the size, though I know I can code them better. But they fit my browser perfectly. If you click on the photo, it should redisplay in its own page sized to fit the window. If you click it again, it increases to full size and then you can see some real detail by scrolling around. However, you could also do a right click, then save the picture to your own machine and size it on your computer as you see fit. So there are plenty of options.

  4. archcrone Says:

    I’m using Firefox and the pics are sized fine. Great pics, BTW, in a very sad way. Looks so desolate — not even a workman/workwoman in site.

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